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The Wildlife Patrol Guarantee

We at Wildlife Patrol take great pride in our work, and we have every confidence that we are the best. We know that the repairs we do and the preventative services such as attic deodorization that we perform will solve wildlife problems for good.

We offer a full one year guarantee on all of the repairs we do. If any wildlife is able to chew through, rip down, or get past in any way the areas that we have repaired, we will perform complete wildlife service with trapping & new repairs, free of charge.

Rarely do we have to return to service a building that we have already worked on, but rest assured that if wildlife is able to gain access to your home or building again due to some fault in our materials or workmanship, that we will remedy the situation for you. Please see terms of guarantee issued upon completion of work for all details.

We strive for complete customer satisfaction. If you hire us to solve your wildilfe problem, you will most likely never need to make use of our guarantee - but it's nice to know that it's there!

Note: although our guarantee is good for one year, in most cases, our work will remain intact for the entire life of the building.

First-class service.   Humane solutions.
True professionals.  This is Wildlife Patrol.

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The Wildlife Patrol Advantage

  • Owner operated.
    All work performed by Wildlife Patrol is executed by the owners of the company. Larger wildlife companies will send out their employees, who may or may not be experienced enough to solve difficult situations.

  • Younger, thinner, more athletic.
    Wildlife work is physically demanding.  Traveling through attics and exploring roofs in Florida heat is exhausting even for us. Sometimes being in great shape doesn't make a difference. But many times, we finish jobs that we KNOW no other company would be physically able to perform.

  • Better equipment and materials.
    We equip ourselves with top of the line tools, traps, and construction materials because we know your home deserves the best.

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